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ABUNDANCE ALERT - 9 Keys To Awaken Your Purpose & Create Massive Success






Bijan Machen is an interdisciplinary fine artist, author, and educator. He earned his MFA at ArtCenter College of Design and he graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology, where he studied Science, Technology, and Culture. Bijan is also the founder of the We Uplift The World Foundation, a 501C3 Art and Technology Education organization focused on empowering creative entrepreneurs. He spends his days making art, writing, and coaching individuals to self-mastery.


Machen's work explores the potentialities of engaging fine art and literature to cultivate important connections between humans, spaces, and physical objects. He employs a wide range of materials and images to investigate themes of energy, fine art history, music, philosophy, social politics, and identity. As an extension of his social art practice, Bijan created Abundance Universe, a brand and Podcast platform focused on positivity, empowerment, and inspiration.


Shipping in March
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