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This specially curated art kit includes the materials, tools, and resources you will use to transform abstract art into your personal wellness practice. The Art of Wellness Kit will guide you through a series of creative projects emphasizing abstract art, and how to use it as a powerful tool for stress reduction, self-exploration, and personal empowerment.  


The Art of Wellness Kit includes: 

  • 1 High-Quality Sketchbook: A dedicated space to explore ideas, process emotions, and capture your creative journey. [Premium Watercolor Paper]

  • 1 Set of Oil Pastels: Unleash bold and expressive strokes, building confidence and overcoming self-doubt.

  • 1 Set of Markers: Express yourself freely with bold colors, lines, and shapes, promoting relaxation and imaginative exploration.

  • 1 Set of Brushes & Watercolor Paints (Level 1 Set): Experience the meditative flow of watercolors to enhance mindfulness and focus.

  • Collection of Collage Materials: Discover the power of non-verbal material expression and create personal symbols for wellness.

  • Stress Relief Massager: A tactile tool that you can use for physical stress relief and grounding during overwhelming moments.

  • Sounds of Wellness Playlist: A curated list of sounds and songs to enhance mood.

  • The Art of Wellness Guide: Explore creative meditations to pair with your art practice. Discover inspiring prompts for deeper self-discovery and abundance mindset cultivation.



There Are Limited Kit Quantities Available.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The Art of Wellness Kit

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