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SOCIAL PRACTICE: WUTW 'eARTh project' + WMM + Apple

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Bijan's 501c3 education company, the WE UPLIFT THE WORLD Foundation (WUTW) launched a sustainability-focused art + tech workshop in 2020 March.

"The WUTW Foundation partnered with We Make Movies and Apple to create the eARTh Project, a youth education program designed to teach students about sustainability through the lens of mobile filmmaking. For 12 weeks, we worked with a group of bright students from Compton, CA to teach them how to shoot and edit films using iPhones, iPads, FilmicPro and LumaFusion.

We were also able to provide these students with a positive creative outlet and a set of values that has prepared them for a more positive future. Currently, the world is in rare form and we need programs like this right now more than ever before. This video is the trailer for a documentary short film that we will be releasing later this year. It has been an honor helping these young people share their stories, learn applicable skills and develop a new sense of purpose in their lives.

We want to do more projects like this in cities all around the world! If you know of any organizations or individuals that would be interested in supporting our educational programs, please let us know and direct them to Please share this video! We need people to see more positivity from our youth, they are our future!

Huge thanks to the team that made it all come together @apple @lichiban @wemakemovies @stevenlamorte, all of our special guests and our amazing sponsors."

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