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The Art of Wellness

Watercolor Painting

The Art of Wellness Kit
Unlock Your Creative Potential for a Calmer, More Fulfilling Life

Enjoy a transformative journey of creativity, self-discovery, and well-being with

The Art of Wellness Kit.

Relax and renew as you give voice to your emotions through intuitive artmaking, gaining peace, clarity, and self-understanding.

The Kit was designed to complement The

Art of Wellness course created by  Bijan Machen, MFA.

Discover the transformative power of abstract art and cultivate a deeply personal wellness practice with this exclusive wellness kit. Designed to enhance your creative journey, the Art of Wellness Kit provides everything you need to tap into the stress-reducing, self-empowering benefits of abstract artmaking.

Explore a variety of mediums, including watercolor, ink, oil pastel, collage, and more. Experiment freely and discover your preferred way of creative expression. Enjoy a sense of flow and liberation as you create from a place of pure positive intention.

Tap into your innate creative power and build a joyful lifestyle filled with peace and well-being.


The Art of Wellness Kit

Mindfulness and Relaxation

Emotional Expression

Increased Creativity and Confidence

Shifting Perspective

Focusing on the act of creating, rather than replicating a specific image, reduces mental chatter and promotes a sense of calm.

Abstract art allows you to express emotions that might be difficult to put into words, fostering emotional release, mental clarity, and self-understanding.

Experimenting with abstract forms, colors, and techniques cultivates a sense of playfulness and ignites your inner creative spark. Overcoming the fear of a "wrong" outcome builds confidence in your decision-making and improves your ability to navigate life's uncertainties.

Abstract art encourages you to see the world beyond the literal, fostering open-mindedness and new ways of thinking about challenges and opportunities.

Wet Paintbrushes_edited_Bijan Machen_author_artist
Acrilic Paints_edited_Bijan Machen_author_artist

Inside The Art of Wellness Kit

  • 1 High-Quality Sketchbook: A dedicated space to explore ideas, process emotions, and capture your creative journey. [Premium Watercolor Paper]

  • 1 Set of Oil Pastels: Unleash bold and expressive strokes, building confidence and overcoming self-doubt.

  • 1 Set of Markers: Express yourself freely with bold colors, lines, and shapes, promoting relaxation and imaginative exploration.

  • 1 Set of Brushes & Watercolor Paints (Level 1 Set): Experience the meditative flow of watercolors to enhance mindfulness, oneness, and focus.

  • Collection of Collage Materials: Discover the power of non-verbal material expression and create personal symbols for wellness.

  • Stress Relief Massage Tool: A tactile tool that you can use for physical stress relief and grounding during overwhelming moments.

  • Sounds of Wellness Playlist: A curated list of sounds and songs to enhance mood.

  • The Art of Wellness Guide: Explore creative meditations to pair with your art practice. Discover inspiring prompts for deeper self-discovery and abundance mindset cultivation.


Why Abstract Art + Wellness?

Palette_edited._Bijan Machen_author_artist

Research shows that regularly practicing creative activities can significantly reduce stress, improve focus, elevate mood, and unlock greater self-awareness. The Art of Wellness Kit, paired with Bijan's expert guidance in abstract art making, provides a powerful framework for using art as a tool for relaxation, personal growth, and well-being.

Watercolor Painter 1.jpg
Watercolor painter 3.jpg

Get ready to:

  • De-stress and find your inner calm through mindful art-making

  • Discover deeper emotions and gain clarity through creativity

  • Embrace creative experimentation, free from the pressure of expectations

  • Build confidence and tap into your innate creative power

  • Shift into an abundance mindset and design a more peaceful, happier lifestyle

  • Relax and have fun making your art!


Watercolors_edited_Bijan Machen_author_artist
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