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Bijan's New Book

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Who is it for? 

WHAT IS MY WHY? is written for anyone who finds themselves seeking a deeper sense of fulfillment and direction in their personal and professional lives. Whether you're at a career crossroads, in search of a more meaningful life, or simply yearning to unlock your full potential, this book offers a clear path to purpose and prosperity.


By delving into the principles of Ikigai, you can navigate your way to a more fulfilling and passionate life. If you're ready to explore the profound impact of aligning your life's mission, vocation, and profession, WHAT IS MY WHY? is your essential companion on the path to self-discovery.


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IKIGUIDE is your personalized introduction to Ikigai.

I created it as a clarity creation tool, and as a simple companion guide to my personal development book "What Is My WHY?"

I encourage you to get the book and in the meantime, you can download the IKIGUIDE E-book for free!

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Reader Reviews

I love the way Bijan guides readers through navigating life questions no one has asked me to think about before! It's one of those books I’ll use for daily guidance or inspiration, even after I read it. It is packed with transformational concepts that help reshape your mindset, build self-confidence, and believe that your passion and purpose matters.

Timea, Amazon reader

About Bijan Machen

Bijan Machen Headshot portrait

Bijan Machen is an interdisciplinary fine artist, entrepreneur, and community builder. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in Science, Technology, and Culture, and he earned his Master’s Degree in Fine Art from ArtCenter College of Design.

A creative entrepreneur in every sense, Bijan is always building new opportunities that uplift communities by cultivating valuable connections between professional creators, brands, and educational institutions.

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