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Sounds of Wellness

This curated playlist features a collection of instrumental music, calming soundscapes, and uplifting vibes to enhance your creative practice. Each track is designed to evoke different moods and emotions, allowing you to work through your art kit activities with a mindful and intentional soundtrack.


  • Creative Enhancement: Put the playlist on while you create – let the music guide and inspire the flow of your work. Choose specific tracks that match the vibe you want to capture in your artwork. This allows for a deeper connection between your art and your emotional state.

  • Meditative Art: Choose a track from the playlist and find a comfortable position. As you listen, create art that expresses the emotions and images the music evokes. This is a powerful way to process feelings and tap into subconscious thoughts and imagery.

  • Sensory Sound Painting:

    • Materials: Watercolor paper, watercolors, brushes, blindfold (optional), Sounds of Wellness playlist.

    • Description: Choose a track from your playlist that evokes a strong sensory response – it could be calm, energizing, or anywhere in between. If desired, put on a blindfold to heighten your other senses. Dip your brush in watercolor and translate the music's mood into color, texture, and movement across the page. Focus on how the sounds make you feel, letting your brushstrokes reflect that energy.

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