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Bijan Machen is an interdisciplinary fine artist and educator. He earned his MFA at ArtCenter College of Design and maintains a thriving art & design practice in Los Angeles, California. Machen has exhibited at the California African American Museum and The Main Museum in L.A. and his work is collected internationally. He is also the founder of the We Uplift The World Foundation, a 501C3 Art & Technology Education organization focused on empowering creative entrepreneurs.

Machen's work explores the potentialities of engaging fine art to cultivate important connections between humans, spaces, and physical objects. He employs a wide range of materials and images to investigate themes of energy, fine art history, music, philosophy, social politics, and identity. As an extension of his social art practice Bijan created Abundance Universea brand and Podcast platform focused on positivity, empowerment, and inspiration.


A classically trained musician, Machen identifies music as a socially unifying force with the ability to transcend all prejudice and materiality, and incorporates these ideas into his fine art practice. His conceptually layered work references the energy of music and juxtaposes cultural materials; high and low​, historical and contemporary. 

Performing as LAMBO MĀCH, Machen composes vibrant house and techno music in a compelling way that audibly reflects his robust abstract paintings and sculptural works.

​​​As a full-time artist, Bijan works to challenge all limiting beliefs and oppressive societal constructs, while supporting education, social justice, mental wellness, and global community.

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"As an artist and social entrepreneur, I am deeply committed to exploring themes of identity, belonging, and community in my work. My art practice is a way for me to express my perspective and to create a dialogue about the issues that are important to me.

Through my art and my work with the We Uplift The World Foundation, I hope to create a more inclusive and equitable creative economy that is accessible to everyone."

Artist Statement + Bijan Machen

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